Everything that will happen in your dog’s future is in your hands. Whether or not your dog will develop into a trusted companion or a liability is completely up to you.

Dog training and puppy training are the processes through which you and your dog learn to bridge communication gaps and develop a genuine understanding of each other. With humane dog training your dog will learn to trust your judgment and respect your leadership. Dog training is also the path that will lead your dog to a life of freedom, fun and family.

While most other dog training websites encourage people to use food or force to control their dogs, we adhere to a far more natural and effective style of dog training. Based on the teachings of Charles Eisenmann, (famous trainer of The Littlest Hobo), we teach The Intellectual Method Of Dog Training, a method that utilizes your dog’s natural thinking power to achieve astonishing training results.

With our guidance you will effectively and humanly eliminate even the most serious dog training problems. Better still, we will never advise you to bribe your pet with treats, shock, hit, or cause your dog to fear your authority. Get ready for a wonderful training adventure, one that will leave you and your dog dancing to the same tune!